2017-2018 Docent Calendar

Docent Concert Program

Most of the material and musical selections posted here are for educational purposes. . Please do not copy, download or duplicate unless otherwise noted and permitted.

Some elements of this site is password protected because that page is still under construction or private for the benefit of volunteer docents and teachers. The elements protected are programs for the current season and are sequentially numbered 01,02,03…etc. To obtain the keyword to unlock these elements, contact the Coordinator of the Docent Program. The keyword, plus the assigned two digit sequence number will unlock the appropriate posting. For example;  “keyword02” will open the second concert program of the season.

You may also wish to contact Franklin Mills, Educational Consultant, The Franklin Group, at franklinjmills@gmail.com for more information about this site.

This material is provide as educational support material, is primarily for docents and teachers. Docents are a group of professionally trained teachers, lecturers, and educators, who present pre-concert programs and lessons to children and students in grades K-12 who will be attending a future classical music concert. The musical selections posted here are short 2-3 minute segments of the repertoire that will be performed at the concert.

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